Text by Lauren Kelley | Photos by Project Nepal students and staff 

Logos by Max Resnikoff and Bina Mistry 

Winner of the Independent Schools Association 
Outstanding Contribution for International Understanding Award

The mission of Project Nepal is simple: two communities helping each other.  


Through Project Nepal, the community of ACS Egham International School aims to support Nepalese school communities while simultaneously providing our students with social action and emotional development opportunities--and the chance to make a sustainable difference. 

The Evolution of Project Nepal 

“Now I know the true meaning of privilege, love, appreciation, gratitude and empathy. With such knowledge, I can help others. The hike showed me a new kind of beauty. The city showed me a different way of life. The school showed me how trusting and pure people are, despite their inability to understand a word we are saying. It was all enlightening, uplifiting and life-changing. This is why I will continue to raise awareness, fundraise, keep in touch with whomever I can and even remember how to count to ten--I never want to lose the benevolence and love I learnt from my friends in Nepal. --Yasmine Eldaief, Years 1 and 2

After the resounding success of ACS Egham's five-year Kenya Project, in 2014 we were inspired to pursue a new long-term service-learning project in order to continue to offer students the opportunity to expand their global awareness through action. Nepal was selected because it meets all of our trip criteria, specifically regarding safety, need, cultural visits and physical challenge opportunities.


 Specifically, the program aims to:


  • Serve the underserved 

  • Develop our students’ commitment to service, social justice, and community involvement

  • Enable our students to work productively with diverse communities

  • Engage the entire ACS Egham school community











This informational video was created by Lori Graham, who participated in Years 1 and 2, to introduce Project Nepal to potential donors. Lori and her peers raised over £15,000 since the start of the project with the support of ACS Egham families, UK businesses, family and friends, all which was spent on school supplies, teaching materials and games for the students of Shree Mahendra Primary School and Shree Jana Bhawana School. 


ACS Egham

"Our students understand that while we are fortunate to be able to support Shree Mahendra with construction and supplies, we have as much to gain from their community as they do from ours." 


-Lauren Kelley

Former Project Nepal Director